Ronnie Vannucci is the name

“When I saw them they were horrible, but they had something.”

— Ronnie Vannucci Jr. about joining The Killers (via someonereadsmymind)

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“We have four really different personalities. You know that Ronnie is more boisterous and funny, and Mark is so silent - there’s a lot of truth in him being kind of grumpy. And Dave is kind of a future astronaut.” - BRANDON FLOWERS

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'Bronnie selfie' from 2005.


I miss drunk Brandon ‘cause he was 24% gayer than sober Brandon

Big Talk at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, by Tod Brilliant (July 2011)

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“Fuck, no. Are you kidding me? That dude knows how to do it! I’m just fucking around.”

— Ronnie Vannucci during an interview in 2011 after being asked "Has Big Talk given you a taste for the limelight? Will you be pushing Brandon Flowers out of the way and taking over?" (via younevershine-ifyouneverburn)

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…are brandon and ronnie holding hands

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Team Ronnie, sorry Tana.

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